The Story

Healed By Grace II - Ten Days of Grace

Turns out that Gauff - the cantankerous horse trainer -  has a dark past that includes a messy divorce and hopelessly strained relationship with his adult daughter Brandy, who won't even speak to him. But when Brandy experiences a health scare, Gauff finds himself looking after his 14 year old girl granddaughter - whom he was unaware of just days before!  It's a heartwarming tale of connection and reconciliation set in a scenic and inspiring equestrian setting.

Healed By Grace I

Riley Adams dreamed of being a world class dancer, but a horrific accident brings her dreams to a standstill. Faced with her greatest setback, Riley clings to her faith, determined to recover in time for the national competition. Through equine therapy, she discovers a special bond with a beautiful mare named Grace, and a most unexpected burgeoning romance as well! Just when it seems the old Riley is back, disaster strikes and it seems all her efforts will come to nothing. That is, until God's grace appears from a most unexpected place.

Healed By Grace is a charming film series placed in an idyllic equestrian setting.

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