About Healed By Grace

My name is David Matthew Weese, writer and director of Healed By Grace. I want to ask for your help in supporting the marvelously talented cast of "Healed By Grace II - Ten Days of Grace" as we work toward a Spring 2016 release. This is my seventh motion picture - a sequel to "Healed By Grace " which was released in 2012. That film has touched millions of lives through broadcast on TBN, UpLiftTV, ParablesHD, and others in addition to selling nearly 300,000 DVD's worldwide!

Now, the story continues...

Turns out that Gauff - the cantankerous horse trainer -  has a dark past that includes a messy divorce and hopelessly strained relationship with his adult daughter Brandy, who won't even speak to him. But when Brandy experiences a health scare, Gauff finds himself looking after his 14 year old girl granddaughter - whom he was unaware of just days before!  It's a heartwarming tale of connection and reconciliation set in a scenic and inspiring equestrian setting.

Why a Fundraising Campaign...
Now I'd like to explain why I am approaching this movie differently.  My past films were funded by distributors. That takes financial pressure off - so you can focus on being creative. But it also means giving away ownership and/or control of the film early in the process.

As I was developing as a filmmaker, that was a fair tradeoff. But it's time to declare independence from distributor funding, retain control of the movie, and carve out a bright future for the "Healed By Grace" universe and cast.

The Outlook for the Movie
The good news is that enthusiasm is high based on the strength of the original Healed By Grace and my work for the past 8 years. Every distributor I talk to is interested in it. So we can be confident that this film will find it's audience.

However, that's all future tense... TODAY I need to pay my cast and take financial pressure off the production so we can focus at this key moment in making the VERY BEST MOVIE POSSIBLE. That's where you can help.

You may not realize that actors working on independent films in the midwest typically make ZERO. They do it for the love of it - in the hopes that the picture will be successful and be a stepping stone to something better.

I, on the other hand, have always paid my actors for their time, and the total cost for the cast and crew, plus food, reimbursement for travel, comes out to just under $10,000 - so that's where we could use your help.

Because "Healed By Grace 2" builds on a proven success, it stands to be a real boon to the careers of everyone involved. This amazing cast not only deserves to be compensated, but also to have the opportunity to grow with Blended Planet Pictures through future films and shows. They DESERVE it.

What About Extra Funds?
It all goes toward keeping these actors working! A third film in the Healed By Grace series has already been plotted and an episodic show is being developed as well. We KNOW there's an enthusiastic audience for this series, and we want to sieze the day and focus on making YOUR movie the best it can be.

Updates & Stuff
I'll be posting frequent updates as we progress in order to keep you in the loop, because this is OUR movie. Thanks in advance for helping us make it great!

David Matthew Weese
Blended Planet Pictures

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