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A Note from Writer / Director David Matthew Weese

I want to thank everyone who has enjoyed Healed By Grace and written or commented to share your enthusiastic response to this film!

I'm excited to announce that a sequel - "Healed By Grace 2 - Ten Days of Grace" - is now in production! I would love to keep you informed about our progress! The best way to connect with us is to follow Blended Planet Pictures on facebook (click to pop open a new tab and go there).

It's been gratifying to learn how Healed By Grace has touched millions of lives around the world through broadcasts on TBN, Parables and other networks, as well as nearly 300,000 DVDs sold since it's release in 2012. We hope you enjoy Healed By Grace 2 just as much!

If you are looking for the DVD, there's a link below! By purchasing directly from the Blended Planet Pictures teams, you are helping us continue to create family friendly entertainment!

- David Matthew Weese


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